I am starting this blog to record my journey as I transition my life to something more "minimal". If there is anyone out there who wishes to read it and is inspired by my experience, that would be awesome, but not the reason behind why I'm doing this. I need something I look back on... Continue Reading →

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Staying Minimum

My biggest concern right now is how to stick to this new way of life. I know me. I get super excited about a new project, but after the shininess wears off, I slip back into my old ways. Joshua talks about ways to "stay minimum" and I'll share those here, but I think I... Continue Reading →

If you are interested in trying this whole Minimalist lifestyle thing out, I recommend you listen to Joshua's book. But if you don't want to do that, then here are the first steps to take: First, state your "why" - write down why you are embarking on this journey. You'll need it later when the... Continue Reading →

Decisions, decisions …

Once you’ve made the most important decision to simplify your life and give this minimalistic thing a shot, you now face the big (and sometimes small) decisions of what stays and what goes. It can be an arduous task, especially when you’ve spent years collecting materials and items for a hobby. But when that hobby... Continue Reading →

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